March 28,2018

I done my final outcome today, I discovered there are several page is not same size after stick them to a book, but I have no chance to fix it any more.  If next time I need make a book, I should make sure that each page need to be same.


we have tutorial today, Jake advice me do not type two sheet together that will be ugly, however, Wendy told me I need stick two pieces of paper to make it stronger, I don’t know how to judgement with that. Jake also suggest me to do test book first, then when I apply on my final outcome will without mistakes. I think it is a good idea to make a same type blank test book, which will help me to find out problems.

I also done the pink risograph print, I find out that many pieces of work are changed size and position when I photocopy it. it is hard to control the accuracy position.


What I doing today is continue drawing the background with light box. it is a huge work for I done it in two days without relax. besides, I find the technician from print studio and she show what is work look like print by risography, what I need prepare and she tell me each print should wait one day for dry, and the colors should be print respectively. that means I need manage my time well, so I will spend whole day at print studio tomorrow. and next week, after I finish the language class I should back immediately for other colors print.

march.14. 2018

I am using the light box to draw the background today. I find it is quite complex that I need draw many layers for each color in one background. thus, I always forget that and  mixed them cause a mistake, then I need redraw it, which cost me a lot of time. but it is good experiment for me that I can study from mistake and different kinds draw to find the best approach.

13,March 2018


i show Wendy the work I done today,    She advice me I should change another way to make pop-up, the one I done just like birthday card. Thus, she suggested me I can print the background for visual image and make the alphabet to be pop-up.

besides, I visited the print studio and I saw the work done by ridograph. I got a force to follow my project, I think it is a good start.

12.march, 2018

we done the primary research, we got 3 color words to link them with project.

actually, I don’t know how to start it because the words I get it hard to link with my project. however, I enjoyed to appreciate others worksheet, it is quite amazing that they done a lot. I love the book that made by a koreian girl, she just use very basic materials, but we can see her idea based on it.

besides, i got two very useful book about make pop-up, which show me a good example how to make. I copy the elemenst from some part of them and try to experiment how it work, then apply the principle on my work. I found it is a great way to study from book.

reflection(8, march,2018)

8, march, 2018

things I learn:

I see a 3d paper-print at the print studio at the day before yesterday, so  I cost my whole day to make this. the Lino  should be carving first. the technician tell me I can draw on the tracing paper first, then change a side redraw it. the drawing will print on the Lino. and I got the skills about how to carve the Lino.

things I enjoy:

although the Lino carving is so difficult, but I am glad see the final outcome, which is better than I expect. besides, I will continue work with this to do the print.

things I not enjoy:

I find the Lino is so hard to carve, I need to use my whole strength and my finger get bleed.  next time if make similar things I will choose other material, such as rubber.



march 6, 2018

I spent whole day at print studio.

things I learn: I got the skill of screen print, I didn’t try it before. the technique support show me how it going on.

during my waiting time, I visit the work over the wall, there have one attracted me is 3D paper print. so, I got the idea about my zine cover could like this.

The screen print is quite interesting, I doing it whole day but I didn’t feel tired. however, the screen print is easy to get dirty, which make my sleeve become black so I need wash it today. next time I will wear T-shirt to there.

at beginning, the tutor said I could make too layer print, one black with one red.    after I done it, I discovered a problem. the red cover print is unclear cause the black print under it. thus, I attempt to use cleaning liquid to sweep the red cover and recreate it independently. I found it worked, so I think maybe more experiment you will find the way how solve the problem.

reflection march 5

march5, 2018

2 things I learnt: 1. I know my aims about the project now, before my group mate ask me this question I even don’t know the answer. (I interested in ancient history, so I want to reappear it. it maybe is academic?)

2. I haven’t go to the workshop until today,  my tutor advice me go print studio ask the director which is the best way to print my work. I find it is quite helpful, because they will advise you the best way.

2 things I weak: 1. in group presentation, I see my group mates all done a lot of research( the artist effect them, exhibitions…), but mine is weak. thus, in the following step I will add them in.

2. I discovered I cannot understand my group mates ‘s topic when they are presentation, maybe my listening  is poor need more practice.

2 things I enjoyed:

In group presentation, I got many advice, (print&zine: letterhead , for children read) and I have a clear aim about what I should do next and the following outcome

I visit the print studio, I see many student are doing different type of print, it looks quite interesting.