reflection march 5

march5, 2018

2 things I learnt: 1. I know my aims about the project now, before my group mate ask me this question I even don’t know the answer. (I interested in ancient history, so I want to reappear it. it maybe is academic?)

2. I haven’t go to the workshop until today,  my tutor advice me go print studio ask the director which is the best way to print my work. I find it is quite helpful, because they will advise you the best way.

2 things I weak: 1. in group presentation, I see my group mates all done a lot of research( the artist effect them, exhibitions…), but mine is weak. thus, in the following step I will add them in.

2. I discovered I cannot understand my group mates ‘s topic when they are presentation, maybe my listening  is poor need more practice.

2 things I enjoyed:

In group presentation, I got many advice, (print&zine: letterhead , for children read) and I have a clear aim about what I should do next and the following outcome

I visit the print studio, I see many student are doing different type of print, it looks quite interesting.

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