march 6, 2018

I spent whole day at print studio.

things I learn: I got the skill of screen print, I didn’t try it before. the technique support show me how it going on.

during my waiting time, I visit the work over the wall, there have one attracted me is 3D paper print. so, I got the idea about my zine cover could like this.

The screen print is quite interesting, I doing it whole day but I didn’t feel tired. however, the screen print is easy to get dirty, which make my sleeve become black so I need wash it today. next time I will wear T-shirt to there.

at beginning, the tutor said I could make too layer print, one black with one red.    after I done it, I discovered a problem. the red cover print is unclear cause the black print under it. thus, I attempt to use cleaning liquid to sweep the red cover and recreate it independently. I found it worked, so I think maybe more experiment you will find the way how solve the problem.

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