reflection(8, march,2018)

8, march, 2018

things I learn:

I see a 3d paper-print at the print studio at the day before yesterday, so  I cost my whole day to make this. the Lino  should be carving first. the technician tell me I can draw on the tracing paper first, then change a side redraw it. the drawing will print on the Lino. and I got the skills about how to carve the Lino.

things I enjoy:

although the Lino carving is so difficult, but I am glad see the final outcome, which is better than I expect. besides, I will continue work with this to do the print.

things I not enjoy:

I find the Lino is so hard to carve, I need to use my whole strength and my finger get bleed.  next time if make similar things I will choose other material, such as rubber.


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